15 November 2007


Okay, folks! Take a look. This is WHERE THE MONEY IS GOING in the global financial meltdown, which hopes to redeem itself through uranium mining investment.

To STOP low level (and high level!) radiation, the mining must be stopped.

The price of URANIUM is SOARING.

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A California Energy
Site So Secret,
You Can't Even See it
Without a Top-Level
U.S. Navy Clearance...

But on Nov. 20, 2007 — just a few days from
now — a former Navy “insider” will share the names of five
“secret” energy companies that could make you $372,340

The Navy has already collected $194 million from this discovery.

And CNNMoney.com reports that “Investments in [this “secret” energy sector] jumped nearly four-fold over the last two years, to about $100 million last year… Because it’s [still] so small, there’s large growth potential here…”

Dear Friend,

I feel like I shouldn't even tell you about this. But frankly, now that the Navy itself has let the cat out of the bag...

They've tapped a secret source of energy 113 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

And in the next few minutes, I’m going to tell you how this source of energy that I call "China Lake Energy" has enough reserves to significantly reduce our dependence on foreign oil. The energy is…

…so powerful that the U.S. Department of Energy believes it has the potential to produce 50,000 times the known oil and gas reserves in the world…

…so efficient, MSNBC reported that it will soon equal the energy output of all 104 of the United States’ active nuclear power plants…

…so environmentally friendly, the California state Senate recently mandated that 20% of the state’s energy must come from renewable sources just like it within a decade…

In this letter, I’m going to tell you about five penny stock companies — whose stocks are all priced less than $3 per share — that are set to take this energy public in a very aggressive and profitable way.

At the same time, I’m going introduce you to a strategy we’ve come to rely on that we call the “MI Investing Advantage” — leveraging military research and intelligence to establish a hugely successful civilian industry.

We’ve seen it time and again.

I’ll show you the examples.

And when we’re done, I’m sure you’ll agree that you could harness the “MI Investing Advantage” to get in on the next huge wave of expansion… and propel your investment success forward with alarming speed.

I’m so confident this approach to investing is right for your portfolio, I’ve developed a very interesting offer I don’t think you’ll be able to resist. More on that in a minute…

But for now, let me explain what’s happening…

The Ancient Secret of China Lake

There is a secret, carefully guarded "energy discovery site" just 113 miles northeast of Los Angeles, Calif., that anybody who's ever wanted to explore booming energy stocks needs to know about.

The U.S. Navy has given it a code name: "China Lake — Navy One."

It's surrounded by barbed wire. Guards with machine guns watch everybody who comes and goes. And armed Navy jets patrol the skies above.

What could possibly be so secret?

A very rarely talked about and previously untapped new energy resource that's so efficient and abundant, it could — according to our own U.S. Department of Energy — crank out enough power to replace 50,000 times the current usage of all known gas and oil resources... in the world.

That's a huge claim.

But not so huge that privileged investors aren't already making a move on this.

According to Dow Jones, Merrill Lynch's commodities group just earmarked $35 million in private financing for this emerging energy breakthrough. You could have even bought shares in this yourself, earlier this year and…

Every $10,000 you would have put in would have already soared to $26,300.

Every $20,000 invested would have returned you a whopping $52,600.

The Navy owns the property where this new resource was discovered and developed. Until now, the Navy has kept it very quiet — top secret, even. But with oil bearing down on $100 per barrel, it can't sit on this any more.

The Navy’s mandate, going all the way back to the United States Constitution, is to provide for the national defense. It’s one of the largest consumers of energy on the planet… that much is true. But it isn’t supposed to make money selling the stuff. That makes this discovery, according to our top former Navy “insider” and energy expert, one of the best undiscovered moneymaking opportunities in the world of energy investing today... for individuals like you.

In fact, he plans to name five penny stocks — on Nov. 20, 2007 — all of which should do especially well as this previously unknown information is revealed to the public.

How well could you do? Just one of these tiny, unknown "secret energy discovery" stocks I'm about to disclose to you has already skyrocketed 263% since the first of the year.

And since you could jump in on the ground floor, the opportunity just gets richer from here.

Here's everything you need to know…

The End of Our Dependence
on Foreign Fuels?

Energy costs are rising. You and I both know that. Heck, in the past few months alone, the cost to heat and power my home has gone up by 27%.

The Navy knows that, too.

That’s why many years back, Carl F. Austin, a well-known geologist with over 40 years of experience, published a report for the Navy that outlined a new energy plan that could power its entire Naval weapons testing base in California.

Back when the report was written, the cost of foreign fuel was low enough that the Navy didn’t have to act on Austin’s energy plan. It planned on using the report as a “worst-case scenario” only.

But now that oil is closing in on $100 per barrel, the worst-case scenario is here. The U.S. government knows that we need to reduce our dependence on foreign fuels. And the Navy is taking the lead…

The Navy took Austin’s work and immediately went to work. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the Navy outlined one simple goal in drilling, testing and extracting its new form of energy:

“[The Navy seeks to] provide an alternative energy source, allowing [it] to reduce overall Navy dependence on fossil fuels, especially imported fuels.”

After decades of testing, they the Navy perfected the energy extraction at its secret Naval air warfare site called China Lake.

China Lake sits just 113 miles northeast of Los Angeles on an area of land known as the Coso Hot Springs.

If you were standing in the center of China Lake, you wouldn’t have a clue what lies beneath. The earth beneath your feet would be rocky and sandy. If you touched the ground, it would feel exactly like the ground outside your house.

But underneath the ground lies an energy form that can provide energy for 1 million Californians. And that’s just from the power stored underneath the Navy’s China Lake base alone…

Across the entire United States, 1.7 million people are already benefiting from the recent extraction of this ancient energy source.

And the Department of Energy claims that another 50,000 times the known energy of all known oil and gas resources in the world still lies untapped underneath the earth

When tapped, the potential of this ancient energy could reduce our dependence on fuel from the Middle East — just as the Navy wanted. It could significantly lower our monthly heating bills… provide as much energy as it would take to power the U.S. for up to 750,000 years… and bring our soldiers home from the fighting in Iraq.

But the Navy couldn’t keep its secret forever… The news has now begun to circulate through the groups of in-the-know energy CEOs.

Several smaller companies are now beginning to get into the business of identifying and extracting the same kind of energy that I call “China Lake Energy.” You probably don’t know this, but they’ve already begun testing the extraction at sites spread across several Western states…

After researching this new energy form for the past four months, my former Navy “insider” has found a total of five ways by which you could grab a piece of the profits. Let me explain…

How to Claim Your Piece of the Next
$194.9 Million Energy Payout

What the Navy discovered was an easy way to harness an energy form so powerful that the U.S. Department of Energy recently conducted a large-scale study on its potential impacts for energy independence in the U.S. The findings surprised everyone…

The Department of Energy found that the known reserves, when tapped, could produce as much energy as it would take to power the U.S. for the next 750,000 years, based on current consumption rates.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology conducted its own study. The result was a massive 3.72-pound document that detailed how this previously unused “[China Lake Energy] could play an important role in our national energy picture as a noncarbon-based energy source.”

The way it works is simple…

The U.S. Navy got lucky. Its China Lake base sits on top of the Coso Hot Springs, one of the hottest land masses in the U.S. It partnered with CalEnergy, a privately held California energy provider, to bring that heat up to the surface. Together, they developed a simple three-stage process for extracting the heat energy out of the ground…

First, they drill a hole deep into the Earth, tapping the area beneath the Earth’s surface that produces heat over 400 degrees. Next, they inject water into the hole. The water instantly boils and begins to produce steam that rises out of the hole. After that, they put a large turbine over the hole that captures the steam and turns it into electricity.

The process itself doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the energy source that comes out is clean, reliable and best of all, renewable — meaning that, unlike oil and natural gas, the energy source never runs out. The Earth has always and will always produce heat…

The entire process releases three times less carbon dioxide than natural gas… five times less than oil… and seven times less than coal.

The best part is that this energy isn’t limited to California. In fact, multiple “hot spots” exist throughout the Western United States.

Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada has even said, “Nevada is the Saudi Arabia of [China Lake Energy]…

And the U.S. Department of Energy believes that “China Lake Energy” has the potential to produce 50,000 times the known oil and gas reserves in the world.

The Navy is currently powering its entire China Lake base with this newly tapped source of energy. In fact, it’s already generating more power than it can use…

So much power that it’s recently begun to sell the "extra" power back to California utility companies. And the Navy is making a fortune doing it.

When the United States Government Accountability Office found out about the Navy’s energy extraction, it dug into the accounting books to see what it’s worth. What it found was nothing short of amazing…

According to the Accountability Office’s data analysis, the Navy has already collected energy royalties in the amount of $194.9 million

Now that it’s let the profits out of the bag, public energy companies are scrambling to grab their piece of the payouts.

So what does this mean for you? The public developments are providing a roadmap for people like you and me to follow the energy insiders to our piece of the next $194.9 million payout…

When I first heard about the Navy’s secret energy extraction and the potential that it has, I had to learn more.

So I sent our Harvard trained geologist — a gentleman who, by chance, has very close ties to the Naval War College — to research the situation.

After four months of research and over 36,121 miles traveled, eight high-level meetings and over 217 hours with his nose in books, this geologist and former Navy “insider” has put together all of his findings in a special report, titled The Five “China Lake Energy” Companies That Could Make You $372,340.

Before I give you the exact details on how to download your copy, let me show you how much money you could stand to make by grabbing shares of these penny stocks now…

Make $372,340 or More
By Getting in Now…

I’m sure you’ve heard of nuclear power plants. As I type, 8.4% of the U.S.’s electricity consumption comes from nuclear energy.

Compare that with the small 0.3% that “China Lake Energy” is currently producing, and it’s easy to see that investing in its extraction is a ground-floor opportunity.

Why am I comparing “China Lake Energy” to nuclear? Because MSNBC recently said that [“China Lake Energy”] production could soon equal that of all 104 nuclear power plants in the U.S.

Back when nuclear technology was new, energy insiders flocked to invest in the new form of power. And during the past few years, nuclear companies have been turning out some serious profits for their shareholders.

Take these companies for example:

  • Entergy Corp., a nuclear energy producer based out of New Orleans, has run up 385% in the past few years
  • Dominion has gone from $37.19 per share all the way up to $84.30 per share… showing investors a hefty 127% gain
  • A uranium miner that provides the material needed for nuclear power production, named Cameco Corp, has returned a whopping 721% over the past few years.

If you had bought just 500 shares of each of these three nuclear companies when the technology was on the rise, you would be sitting on $93,904 in pure profits. A larger 1,000 shares in each would have made you $186,170.

And if you took a large 2,000-share stake in each of these three companies, you’d have been able to send all your kids through college, pay off your house and buy a new Corvette on a $372,240 payout.

According to my former Navy “insider,” if you get in on the right companies now, you could potentially see gains even larger than those early nuclear investors saw…

How? Just look at the advantages of this energy form over nuclear…

“China Lake Energy” Secret #1 — Less Land to Build a Plant:
It takes 5–10 acres of land per megawatt to build an operating nuclear power plant, compared with only 1–8 acres per megawatt to build a “new energy” plant. Less required land means the opportunity to build plants in tighter locations…

“China Lake Energy” Secret #2 — More Environmentally Friendly:
Nuclear power produces toxic waste that requires time, energy and money to dispose. Even worse, it hurts the environment. This new energy form is clean and produces no toxic waste. Governments around the world are already begging to mandate that higher percentages of their energy come from environmentally friendly sources. They’re even willing to provide substantial tax incentives to companies providing clean energy…

“China Lake Energy” Secret #3: - Cheaper Than Nuclear:
According to inside energy experts, energy from renewable sources like “China Lake Energy” is cheaper to produce than Nuclear power.

With these advantages in mind, California’s state Senate created Senate Bill 1038, which mandated that as much as 20% of the state’s energy MUST come from “clean energy” sources like “China Lake Energy” by 2017. I expect other states to soon follow California’s lead…

And when they do, companies that have perfected the technology should explode, potentially showing investors even bigger gains that the 721% that nuclear energy showed.

With only 0.3% of the U.S.’s energy production coming from “China Lake Energy,” the time to jump in is now.

And since my former Navy “insider” and Harvard-trained geologist has been in the business for the past 34 years, he knows exactly how to get your hands on the companies that are set to profit.

The “MI Investing Advantage”
: Test Extraction
Has Already Begun

After four months of studying all of the Department of Energy reports, visiting the hot spots in person and talking to his friends in the industry, my former Navy “insider” and Harvard-trained geologist has identified five tiny companies that he wants to tell you about…

Before we get to the details, let me assure you, this isn’t the first technology that the U.S. military has discovered. In fact, it’s got a long history of inventing technologies that change everyday life. For example...

In the 1950s and 1960s, the military needed to "one-up" its enemies by being able to see in the dark. So it pioneered the way for thermal imaging, an imaging system that cuts through darkness and smoke to show heat sources. The companies that were involved on the ground floor of helping the military develop thermal imaging — Honeywell and Texas Instruments — have now become household names.

During the Gulf War, the U.S. Army needed a system to quickly communicate information from its global positioning systems to the battlefield, allowing it to make instant decisions on where to position the troops. From this technology, the Internet was born, paving the way for companies like Google to shoot up 605%…

Once again, in order to help track the movement of its troops, the U.S. Navy invented the modern-day Global Positioning System. Now almost every car manufacturer includes a version of the technology as a standard feature. Shares of Garmin, the leading GPS company, has gone from $9.63 per share to over $100 per share — showing investors a 938% gain.

The list goes on and on…The military’s invention of the jet engine paved the way for companies like Boeing to profit… their invention of Radar allowed Raytheon Corp. to shoot up 645%…. And the military’s use of satellites proved profitable for Lockheed Martin…

All of these technologies were developed by the military but went on to build fortunes in the public sector. Seeing these opportunities early enough to get in before the mainstream is what I call the “Military Intelligence Investing Advantage.”

Now the military is ready to do it again. As I pointed out, the Navy has already made $194 million in royalties on this energy. But if the Government Accountability Office has something to say about it… those royalties should be earned in the private sector — not by a branch of the U.S. military.

So the military is going to let this energy loose in the free market. And the following five companies are first in line. They’re going to be the companies to bring this technology to market. They should be the beneficiaries of the “first-mover” advantage in this huge new industry.

And if history of the “MI Investing Advantage” is any guide, they’re going to be the Fortune 500 energy companies of the future.

Let me show you what I mean…

“MI Investing Advantage” Company #1 — Just Signed a 20-year Energy Deal on Sept. 26:
In 2002, this company acquired the rights to a former Department of Energy production field. It immediately began its testing… and the early numbers are just started to come in…

A third-party consulting firm estimated that this company could be sitting on enough energy to eventually power 110,000 Idaho residents, year after year. On Sept. 26, 2007, it signed an exclusive 20-year deal with an Idaho energy provider to sell its energy back to the citizens of Idaho.

Since the beginning of the year, shares of this company would have shown you a 263% gain. Investors have already turned a $5,000 investment into $13,150.

Now it’s in the process of bringing a second location online. The numbers aren’t complete yet, but the company has said that its initial tests “indicate the potential for prolific production…”

“MI Investing Advantage” Company #2 — Currently Sitting at Just $1.35 per Share:
This company just inked an initial 20-year deal with the state of Nevada to provide energy to 24,000 homes. It owns a 100% stake in a known hot spot area in north-central Nevada with heat reserves close enough to the surface for easy extraction.

Even the U.S. Department of Energy is excited about the potential of the land that this company possess — so excited that it’s just awarded a $1.25 million grant to begin extraction.

Investors who owned this stock have seen a 117% gain since Jan. 1. With just a small $5,000 investment at the beginning of the year, you’d be sitting on $5,850 in pure profits. Based on the numbers, I expect it to grow at least that amount in the next 10 months. And best of all, you can still load up on shares of this company for just $1.35 per share…

“MI Investing Advantage” Company #3 — Owns More Than 70,000 Acres of “Hot Spots”:
This company has 4 hot spot projects currently in development and 11 more waiting for test drilling to begin. In total, it has an interest in 70,000 acres of hot spots in California and Nevada.

On Oct. 22, the company announced that drilling had begun at its exploration well known only as “Well 56-4.” It believes that “Well 56-4” alone could have enough heat inside to power 24,000 homes. If all of its other wells produce the same amount, there’s no telling how high this stock can go. Another alternative energy company has shot up over 33% in one day. This one could go up even further when it announces the results of its other heat wells…

To be completely honest, I’m not sure how long these companies will go unnoticed. The major media is just beginning to catch on, and I’m positive that their stock prices will begin to jump any day now…

MarketWatch recently reported that it doesn’t know why “free energy from [“China Lake Energy”] isn’t more widely used”… CNN said, “Just below the Earth’s surface is a virtually limitless supply of energy…”… The Economist calls “China Lake Energy” a “huge, unrealized potential” source of energy.

To help you get in right away, I’ve asked my Harvard-trained geologist to write up all of his findings in his new report called The Five “China Lake Energy” Companies That Could Make You $372,340.

In this report — which I’ll be publishing just a few days from now — he’ll tell you the names of these companies, how to buy shares of each of them and what exactly to tell your broker.

But that’s only three of the five companies he’s found. Let me quickly tell you a little about the other two…

“MI Investing Advantage” Company #4 — Powering 277,000 People in Latin America:
Like the first two companies I’ve told you about, this company has recently agreed to a 20-year deal to sell its power. But instead of selling it to the U.S., it’s providing the power to Latin America.

A recent press release by the company shows that it expect its main energy hot spot to produce enough energy for as many as 277,000 people in Latin America. It wouldn’t surprise me if this $1.10 stock shot up 628%, just as Amen Properties, a similar energy provider, did just a few years back.

“MI Investing Advantage” Company #5 — Up 48% Since Aug. 22:
With 2 major hot spot projects in the works, this company is an industry leader. It has 100% of the rights to a 1,017-acre hot spot located 75 miles north of San Francisco, called the Geysers. The Geysers is the largest active energy-producing field in the entire world. Its second location, located in British Columbia, is estimated to have the potential to supply power to over 80,000 households in western Canada.

News is already getting out on this company. Since Aug. 22, this stock has shot up 48%. With increased drilling and extraction planned, this is my favorite stock to buy right now…

The best part of this new opportunity… the mainstream hasn’t caught on yet… and these companies are all still dirt-cheap. Not one of them costs more than 3 bucks a share. But they all have the “first mover” advantage when it comes to taking this military secret into the private sector. The returns on just one of them could be phenomenal. But with all five? Well, we really like our chances of hitting a home run.

Inside your copy of The Five “China Lake Energy” Companies That Could Make You $372,340, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get in early.

We’re putting the final touches on the report now — and we’re publishing the report at 5 p.m. on Nov. 20. Here's everything you need to know...

How to Receive This Report for FREE

My name is Joe Schriefer — and I’m the youngest financial publisher in the industry. As my first big project on the job, I’ve decided to take on the “China Lake Energy” opportunity. I couldn’t be more excited… I truly believe that it’s the single best moneymaking opportunity out there right now.

Although I’m young, I work for Agora Financial, a publisher that for the past 23 years has provided investment ideas to over 522,000 people. We’ve delivered our subscribers profitable ideas on everything from emerging technology to options investing, from commodity futures to penny stock analysis.

I’m not telling you this to brag, but rather to show you that we’re not some fly-by-night company. If we don’t publish great ideas to our readers, they can cancel their subscriptions and walk away. But almost all of them stick with us…


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Each day, I’m lucky enough to work with some of the best financial minds in the world. I hear about dozens of life-changing financial ideas before the mainstream — ideas that could make you rich. And that’s exactly how I first found out about the Navy’s “secret” energy discovery.

Let me explain…

Earlier this year, I started working with a man named Byron King. Byron’s resume was seriously impressive…

He graduated from Harvard with a degree in geology… he holds a law degree from the University of Pittsburgh… he spent a lot of time in the U.S. Navy and the Naval Reserve…and he’s worked in the “enhanced oil recovery” division of Gulf Oil Co.

In his early days, working for Big Oil, he was the man responsible for pioneering techniques to get more oil out of oil fields. In the latter half of his career, he was practicing bankruptcy law for a Pittsburgh law firm.

His knowledge of geology, coupled with financial analysis, made him the perfect recent addition to a monthly natural resource newsletter that I publish, called Outstanding Investments.

And he’s done a fantastic job…

As I write this letter to you, 35 of 39 of his recommendations are up. His average play is an unbelievable 101%. And I’m not the only one who’s excited to work with Byron… He’s been hailed as the “Peak Oil” expert within our own genius editorial team.

I wouldn’t trust just anyone with running Outstanding Investments. The newsletter is our pride and joy. It’s been ranked as the #1 performing newsletter over the past five years. Here’s just some of what Outstanding Investments readers have written us to say over the past few years…

“Booked $18,000 in Pure Profits”
I dumped [shares of your Anderson's recommendation] all at $123, after entering at $105 per your suggestion. I bought 1000 shares…any questions?!

– R. Garrison

“You’re the Best!”
Perhaps a Nobel Prize for Resource Trading should be awarded.

– D. Dunham

“Profits of 560% and 652%…I’m up $45,000!”
Our financial year runs July to June and so far I am up some A$45,000.

On Monday I sold for a profit of 560%. This morning it was my birthday and you gave me the greatest birthday present I have ever had ( financially ) a profit of 652%…

– G. Carlson

“Very Pleased…”
Boy do you guys know how to pick'em. It’s nice to find a buy and hold newsletter that delivers.

– K. Southland

So when Byron first told me about the Navy’s energy discovery and the potential for early investors to make $372,240, like the early nuclear investors made, I couldn’t wait to start writing this letter to you. But, he told me we couldn’t publish the information.

You see, Byron’s Outstanding Investments newsletter has over 42,727 subscribers. And these five companies are too simply small to recommend to that many people. The largest of the five trades for just under $3 a share.

He told me that if he recommended these tiny penny stock companies to his readers, too many people might rush to buy the tiny stocks, and they’d push the prices up too fast. Many readers could get in at artificially inflated highs.

Fact is we are publishing this information for only a small group of readers.

And that’s exactly why we’ve agreed to start Energy & Scarcity Investor — an elite research service comprised of Byron’s most serious readers… And those who are interested in his most sensitive recommendations.

To celebrate the launch of his new service, I’d like to send you a FREE copy of The Five “China Lake Energy” Companies That Could Make You $372,340. All I ask in return is that you agree to a charter subscription of his new service, Energy & Scarcity Investor.

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The Era of Cheap and Easy Oil Is Over:
New Energy Companies Will Be
the Leaders of Tomorrow

With each day that passes, the world consumes more oil than it produces. The oil left in the ground is getting scarce, harder to find and extract and far more precious than in the past. Simple economics tells us that when supply is reduced, prices will rise.

With oil closing in on $100 per barrel, that’s exactly what we’re seeing right now. The reduction of oil means the opportunity for new energy forms and new technology to power the world.

And that’s exactly what Byron will focus on in his new newsletter, Energy & Scarcity Investor. He’ll tell you not only how to protect yourself during a time of rising energy prices, but how potentially to profit as well.

With a charter subscription to Energy & Scarcity Investor, you’ll receive a free copy of The Five “China Lake Energy” Companies That Could Make You $372,340. Then each month after that, Byron will automatically e-mail you an exclusive opportunity on the best way to make money by investing in companies providing the energy and technology needs for the future.

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For example, back in August 2005, Byron came across a company named Core Labs. The company provides engineering services for oil resevoir enhancements... and based on Byron’s analysis was ready to explode. But at the time, the company was too small to recommend to his weekly readers. So he did the next best thing…

Byron delivered news of the company to a set of 258 conference attendees at our Vancouver Investment Symposium. Since his speech that day, the stock has skyrocketed 361%. Over the past two years, the amount of the small, previously unpublishable recommendations has grown to the point that we’ve asked to start a more elite research service, Energy & Scarcity Investor.

Before I give you details on how to sign up, let me tell you about another opportunity that Byron just uncovered…

How “Enhanced Oil Recovery” Could Make
You 704% in the Next Few Years

Did you know that you could extract oil from used tires?

Each 20-pound tire contains approximately 1.2 gallons of oil… and Byron has found the one company set to rise 704% by extracting the oil.

I call the process “enhanced oil recovery” because its technology goes beyond the “standard” recovery into outside-the-box sources — like the 290 million tires that are thrown away each year.

The amount of oil that we currently throw away is shocking…

The 1.2 gallons of oil inside each tire, when recovered, could provide the U.S. with an extra 348 million gallons of oil. With oil prices sitting at $95.12 per barrel, that’s an extra $788 million in thrown-away oil.

The company currently has a worth of just $56 million. If it’s able to extract oil from just one-third of the tires that are thrown away each year and book the oil profits, it would be set to return you 704%.

Time recently named this company one of the Best Inventions of the Year in the environmental category for its technology of recovering previously lost oil

Its oil extraction technology works on a microwave-like frequency that gasifies the “hard to extract” oil, collects it and later turns it back into oil.

The public is just starting to catch on. Within four months of its initial stock offering, the stock shot up 358%. According to my numbers, it’s got a lot further to go…

And it doesn’t just focus on tires. Its microwave extraction is now being used to explore previously “capped” oil wells, the well-known tar sands in Canada and the oil shale deposits that holds the potential to produce 2 trillion barrels of previously untapped oil.

Like Byron’s tiny energy companies, this company trades for under $10 per share, allowing you to load up without having to dip into your retirement savings.

I’ve asked Byron to write up all of his findings in a report, titled This Under $4 Stock Turns Old Tires Back Into Oil . This report is also FREE with your charter subscription to Energy & Scarcity Investor.

Before you decide to join Energy & Scarcity Investor, let me quickly tell you a little more about the service…

Traveling 36,000 Miles to Uncover
Hidden Natural Resource Gains

Byron has more contacts in the natural resource and energy field than I’ve ever seen. Just a few months back, he discussed the topic of Peak Oil with T. Boone Pickens, the famous oil investor that Forbes named as the 131st richest person in America…

Before that, he had lunch with the U.S. Navy’s admiral in charge of nuclear reactors, and they talked about the future of nuclear power. He’s met and talked with the geologist who discovered the Prudhoe Bay oil field in Alaska and spent a few days touring the facility with one of the senior geophysicists for British Petroleum.

He’s even been asked to provide advice on national energy policy by the U.S. Department of Defense

He’s been a part of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists for over 30 years, and he’s a former member of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration. In the past 12 months alone, he’s traveled over 36,000 miles to uncover hidden natural resource opportunities for his readers.

And during his travels, he personally met all five of the principal players in the five "China lake Energy" companies I told you about earlier.

Each month, he’ll use his contacts in the industry to bring you new ways to potentially profit from the natural resource and energy field that you won’t hear about in the mainstream news.

He’ll tell you which companies have the technology to power the future, he’ll tell you who’s discovered the newest oil extraction techniques, and he’ll deliver to you the secrets behind the latest energy discoveries. All of his recommendations will be simple to carry out through one five-minute call with your broker, if you choose to get in.

So how much does it cost to get started? Well, since we need to keep the number of subscribers small, I can tell you that the price isn’t cheap.

But before I tell you the exact amount, let me let give you the details on another opportunity that Byron alerted me about…

The “Keno Hill” Secret to Collecting
Free Silver From the Canadian Government

Chances are, you've probably never heard of George Carmack, Skookum Jim and Dawson Charlie. But for those who have, they’re using their secrets to collect “free” silver from the Canadian government.

And after two and a half months of research, Bryon has found a simple way that you could join the parade of investors who’ve had the chance to make 117% since Aug. 21.

According to one report, the Canadian government is set to “hand out” as much as 20 million ounces of silver before the end of 2007 — and maybe more

I call it the “Keno Hill” secret to collecting free silver. Here’s the story on how to make sure you claim a spot in the “handout” line…

Back in 1896, three men by the names of George Carmack, Skookum Jim and Dawson Charlie discovered gold along the Klondike River in Northwestern Canada. A rush of miners quickly flooded the area and mined $95 million in gold over the next seven years.

But they found much more than just gold… They discovered large deposits of coal, lead and eventually silver. The largest of the silver deposits were found underneath an area called “Keno Hill.”

Over 217 million ounces of silver have been mined at Keno Hill over the years — making the district the second-largest silver producer in Canada. At current silver prices, that amounts to just over $33 billion worth of silver. Now the Canadian government is willing to give away any silver left in the mines… allowing you your chance to get in on a piece of the handouts

How is this possible?

In the 1980s, metal prices fell, forcing the existing Keno Hill mining companies into bankruptcy. They eventually closed the mines in 1989. With silver prices low, it was simply too expensive to get the silver out of the ground. So the mining companies closed up shop and left town.

For years, the property lay abandoned, even though tons of silver might still lie underneath. The mines soon became an environmental hazard and major liability to the Canadian government.

That’s why on April 18, 2006, the Supreme Court of the Yukon Territory of Canada signed a $50 million deal with a small environmental company to clean up the mines. To sweeten the deal, the government agreed to let the company keep all of the silver left in the mines.

The deal was a win-win for both parties. The government got rid of the environmental liability of the mines and the small environmental company generated cash flow through the cleanup process with a 100% upside of collecting the free silver it’s able to mine. The trick to the success is that this tiny environmental company is a cleanup and exploration/mining company combined.

Last year, the CEO said that he was confident that they’ll be able to identify and outline a single source of more than 20 million ounces of silver.

Even if 20 million ounces is all it finds — which I personally doubt, considering the area has already produced 217 million ounces — that could mean a safe 71% rise in its stock price. And that doesn’t count the cash flow that the Canadian government is sending its way to clean up the mines…

Investors who already own a piece of this penny stock company have already seen the stock rise 117% in the past four months as news of its test drilling results hit the press. There’s no telling when it could hit the next major silver vein.

If you’re interested, you can start loading up on shares of this company for just $5.85 per share.

Byron has spent the past two and a half months researching the situation, meeting and talking with company officials and writing up his findings in a special report called The “Keno Hill Penny Stock” Secret to Collecting Free Silver From the Canadian Government.

As part of your charter subscription to Energy & Scarcity Investor, I’ll also send you this report FREE of charge. But let’s get back to the task at hand: “China Lake Energy.” I want to send you our free report The Five “China Lake Energy” Companies That Could Make You $372,340.

How to Get Started Right Now

I’m confident that using the “MI Investing Advantage” to get in early on the Navy’s energy discovery could make you $20,000, $75,000, heck, even $372,340 over the next year.

The technology could significantly reduce our dependence on foreign oil some day — and that makes it the most exciting moneymaking opportunity in the world right now. You could get in before your neighbors, friends or even you stock broker know about it. Imagine the gains you could make by getting in before everyone else…

And I’m going to help you by giving you an incredible offer…

Based on the profit potential of “China Lake Energy,” I could easily charge you $5,000 a year for a subscription to Energy & Scarcity Investor. Even if one of the named companies hits it big, you’d have a chance to make your $5,000 subscription cost back many times over.

But since this a charter offer, I’m not going to charge you $5,000…

I’d like to sign you up for 12 months of Energy & Scarcity Investor for just $995. But I can’t allow this charter offer to last forever…

I’m publishing the report on The Five “China Lake Energy” Companies That Could Make You $372,340 on Nov. 20 at 5 p.m., and I’m going to allow only 2,500 copies to be published. Since these opportunities are small, Byron told me that he can’t afford to recommend them to more than 2,500 people. And frankly, I don’t want to screw up my first big project on the job…

After we sell out of the 2,500 reports, or after the Nov. 20 publishing deadline passes, the price will immediately go up to $1,495.

I’ll also throw in the other two reports I just told you about, The “Keno Hill Penny Stock” Secret to Collecting Free Silver From the Canadian Government and This Under $4 Stock Turns Old Tires Back Into Oil.

And as a subscriber to Energy & Scarcity Investor, around the second week of the month, Byron will deliver an in-depth monthly issue on what he believes to be the best opportunity to in the energy arena straight to your e-mail box. You’ll receive a total of 12 of these ideas a year.

Since the opportunities will be small (most will trade for under $10 per share) and could explode within days of his recommendations, you should be set to read them immediately, consider your financial situation and choose whether and how to act on the recommendations.

Is a charter subscription to Energy & Scarcity Investor worth it? I think so — but that’s up to you to decide. So here’s what I suggest you do…

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To your wealth,

Joe Schriefer
Publisher, Energy & Scarcity Investor
November 2007

P.S. Remember, because of the exclusive nature of this opportunity, I’m able to publish only 2,500 copies of the “China Lake Energy” reports. When we run out of those 2,500 copies or when the clock strikes 5 p.m. on Nov. 20 (whichever comes first), I’ll have to pull the plug on this charter offer.

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xxxxxxx said...

This is totally BS and i have reported it to the FTC as a scam
i work at the Coso Geothermal site and there is nothing secret about it

This is a sales pitch for a bogus book,
Coso is just your standard geothermal power plant with off the shelf technology
I also personally know Dr Carl F Austin and have known him for over 40 years.