05 November 2007

Helen Caldicott: Toward a nuclear-free Australia

Toward a nuclear-free Australia
from Dr Helen Caldicott

Never has there been a time when an issue has been so crucial in our country, and the upcoming federal election promises to be one of the most important in the history of Australia.

In essence I believe that this is a nuclear election, because the decisions we make today, if incorrect, will have a serious impact upon future generations of many Australians.

PEOPLE FOR A NUCLEAR-FREE AUSTRALIA has established http://www.nuclearfree.com.au to provide factual information and a realistic perspective on nuclear power and its ramifications for future generations. The website contains many accessible fact sheets and articles about the medical consequences of the nuclear fuel cycle.

One of the aims of PNFA is to aggregate and mobilise popular opposition to a nuclear power industry in Australia. This email newsletter will help us to do that. You can encourage your friends and family to support us by forwarding this email to them, or just directing them to the PNFA website, where they can join our mailing list.

The PEOPLE FOR A NUCLEAR-FREE AUSTRALIA website contains an Action Page with many practical suggestions about how you can influence your friends, local communities, relatives, federal politicians and the media on the nuclear issue as we approach the next federal election. Go to http://www.nuclearfree.com.au/action.htm now.

Together we can make our views known to current and future governments by effectively mobilising the many ordinary people who are motivated to save our country from a seriously dangerous nuclear future.

We warmly welcome your interest and participation in PEOPLE FOR A NUCLEAR-FREE AUSTRALIA and we will keep you informed about other important actions that you can take in the upcoming weeks.

Very Sincerely,
Helen Caldicott

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