16 January 2008


San Onofre safety lapses disclosed
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
Two security failures were among the mostly low-level breaches and willful misconduct at the nuclear power plant in San Diego County, which serves 2.75 ...
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Wifi Fears Are "Unfounded"

By Sadiqur Rahman(Sadiqur Rahman)
Sir William Stewart, chairman of the Health Protection Agency, said that there needed to be an urgent review of wifi safety after he provided the programme with evidence that that low-level radiation - from devices like mobile phones ...
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Questions, questions
By ManBearPig(ManBearPig)
But questions about low-level radiation exposure resurfaced this week, with research showing a spike in childhood leukaemia around reactors in Germany. What is definitely hazardous is the waste produced. A fleet of new reactors would ...
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Cell Phone Radiation Causes Cancer
By suhaila(suhaila)
They pulse at the low level that electromagnetic radiation does and the energy they put out helps neutralize the cell phone radiation. • Don't allow children on the phone for more than a very short period of time. ...
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