07 March 2008

Power struggles show 'it' is coming soon

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Power struggles show 'it' is coming soon
March 7, 2008

As the presidential election draws nearer, it is surprising to have so many persons tell me of their fears that this administration might pull some stunt to keep power (drumming up some pretext for declaration of martial law and cancellation of elections).

These people are not the usual suspects (UFO enthusiasts, JFK conspiracy experts). Just middle-class working slobs who have watched this administration's cynical use of power to increase executive prerogative, declare an illegal war, unapologetically use torture and rendition and attack civil liberties and the middle class.

My retired Christian friend, a 30-year military man with three tours of Vietnam under his belt, tells me "it" is coming and to be prepared. He thinks it's important to have the right weapon for protection when "it" arrives. I have no clue what the "it" is, and he won't tell me.

"What would Jesus do," I wonder, "with 'it' coming?" And then I ask myself, "Which Jesus? Blackwater Jesus or Prince of Peace Jesus?"

If "it" really is coming, then "it" will be an interesting coming to observe, if no other reason than to see just which Jesus exerts the greater influence.

Dueling Jesuses.

The only thing more American is the Monster-Truck Car Crusher.

— John Hofer, Salem

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