15 March 2011

radiation level, jet stream and the US, Potassium, danger and effect of meltdown: Bruce Beach

  1. Stay Cool (Bruce Beach)


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From: "Bruce Beach" <language@webpal.org>
To: <arktwo@mail.pairowoodies.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 01:19:05 -0400
Subject: [Arktwo] Stay Cool

I will address in this email 4 subjects.

1. The radiation levels in Japan
2. Jet Streams and radiation danger in the US.
3. Potassium Iodide and radiation protection
4. The Danger and effect of Meltdown

1. The radiation levels in Japan

I have a direct watch on the situation in Japan.
Minute to minute reporting on the scene as it happens.

There has been a substantial increase
in the radiation
on some of the disaster sites.

Substantial for the location
but still insignificant
as far as the US is concerned.

Before -
reported levels were in the microsievert level
and now -
they are being reported in the millisievert level.
Millisievert levels are a thousand times higher
than microsievert levels.

10 millisieverts = 1R (only)

I have just now lost my feed.
This is the first time today -
that this has happened.

The news was so important -
that the Prime Minister himself
came on to make the announcement -
and now it has been interrupted.

I don't know the significance of this.
Perhaps it will resume
before I finish typing.

Anyway - at one Japanese nuclear location
at one particular spot
readings of 10R (I did the conversion)
were reported.

This would be VERY serious
if you were experiencing that -
but you are here -
and that is there.

In point of fact -
the area surrounding that site
has been evacuated for 20 kilometers -
and for the area from 20 kilometers to 30 kilometers away
the people are being told to stay indoors.

Now further - regarding the significance of 10R.
A healthy adult male
could stay in the presence of that source
for 20 hours -
without experiencing noticeable effect.

Ahhh - my feed is back.

But again -
that is there -
and not here.

In fact if you were there -
you would have to be RIGHT there.

Most likely (almost certainly) if you were a distance
of a quarter mile from the location
that is 10R -
the radiation would then be less than 1R.

The effect of radiation reduces with distance.
Think of it as a light bulb.
If you are right next to a light bulb
you can read by it.
But if it is dark and you move a distance away from it
you soon don't get enough light to read.

If you are right next to a radiation source -
you can be 'burned' by it -
but the further away from it that you move -
the less 'burn' you will get from it.

This is all by analogy.
We don't usually use these exact words
in explaining radiation exposure.

I am still irritated by the nebulous reporting
of the media.

Such as the radiation has doubled!
So what - if it was insignificantly low?

The New York Times
reported that sailors on a ship
that went nearby -
got as much radiation in two days -
as they would normally get in a month.

This means NOTHING!

The background cosmic radiation
that we all get in a month
is insignificant -
and the fact they got that much in two days -
means NOTHING!

In fact -
there are places in the US
where the radiation is more than ten times
NATURALLY higher -
than the sailors experienced.

Yet New York Times went on and on
about the decontamination procedures
that the sailors went through -
and so did the rest of the media.

It makes it out like it is something -
but it is NOTHING!

Likewise - pictures are shown of technicians
in frightening radiation suits
testing small children with radiation probes.

What nonsense!
The technicians don't need any protection -
even if the radiation level in the child's thyroid
(where they measure on the side of the neck)
has been raised by the Iodine 131 isotope.

Scare! Scare! Scare!
Drama! Drama! Drama!

Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!
Wait until you have a nuclear war -
and then you will have SOMETHING!
Try getting KI then.

2. Jet Streams and radiation danger in the US.

Boy, or boy, or boy.
So much I hear about that.
Beautiful graphics.
Interactive sites.
Video and satellite updates.
Just a flood information.

Overwhelming and all irrelevant.
It just isn't going up into the air like that.
This is not a nuclear explosion.

Even the hydrogen explosions
(and that has nothing to do
with the likes of a hydrogen bomb)
are not taking the stuff up that high.

It is all little and local.
Even for the Japanese -
thirty miles out.
Certainly not coming across the Pacific.

Even the amounts that they are dealing with there -
are still peace time standards -
and all the thing we have been talking about
for years -
are wartime standards -
which is a thousand -
multi-thousand -
more radiation.

But -
the hysteria continues.
It is worse than
"The Martians are coming -
the Martians are coming."
"The Boogie Man is about to get you."

Suck it up folks.
This is not a threat.

3. Potassium Iodide (KI) and radiation protection

Okay - maybe some good will come out of  this -
and people will stock up on KI.

But you aren't going to need it now -
for this.

And there is a great amount of misunderstanding
about what KI does for you.

It simply protects you from one isotope.
Iodine 131.

That gets into particles in water and milk -
and if you consume it -
it can get into your thyroid.

After (during) a nuclear event -
(not here - for what is going on
in some parts of Japan)
you need to take one dose of KI per day -
during when it is going on
and for thirty days after it ends -
and after that -
the radiation in the fallout is non-effective
because of the half-life of Iodine-131.

How KI works
is that it saturates your thyroid -
which will therefore not take up anymore iodine -
of any isotope -
and so anymore iodine in your system
is just expelled in the urine.

there are lots of other kinds of radiation out there -
and in a nuclear war -
(or other catastrophic event)
there are only three defenses.

a. Shielding
(get in a shelter that will stop it).
If it is serious -
indoors and duct tape is not going to do it.

b. Distance
(move away from it)
In Japan they are recommending 30 miles.
In reality a mile is fine -
so long as it is in the right direction -
which means upwind -
rather than downwind -
but who knows which way the wind is going to blow.

And then if you are getting it from fallout -
the wind can blow it to you
most anywhere.

But - in this case -
not clear across the Pacific.
There is too little -
and it is too far.

c. Time
Radiation decays over time.
Some over a long time -
but most very quickly.

It takes time for radiation to be blown
from Japan to the US.
During that time -
it will become practically nothing.

4. The Danger and effect of Meltdown

Yep - they have a problem.
Not here.

China Syndrome -
Chernobyl -
Plutonium Disaster -

I have heard it all.

Number one - the generators are not going to blow up
like a nuclear weapon.

Number two -
while yes - the Japanese have a very serious problem -
it isn't coming here -
in great quantity -
no matter how badly it melts down.

Number three -
as I explained in the previous newsletter
the amount of Plutonium that this event will increase
the 'Plutonium burden' we all - already carry
is not that great.

Everyone breathing on this planet -
has absorbed some minute amounts of Plutonium already -
from the in atmospheric testing
that the US has done.

More and more of the stuff is being generated
all the time -
especially by the nuclear power plants -
and yes, that is a very immoral issue -
regarding the waste -
that we are imposing on future generations -
but the Japan thing -
is not changing the equation for you.

So -
bottom line -
stay cool.

There are serious problems elsewhere -
that are going to affect you
much more than the Japan nuclear disasters.

The Tsunami itself created Japan's biggest problem.
On top of that -
the loss of nuclear power
has created a SERIOUS energy problem for them -
which they will try to rectify by buying oil -
and THAT is going to affect YOU.

The whole scene has diverted people's attention
from SERIOUS things that are happening -
in the world of
international relations
monetary markets.

At the moment my minute to minute news in Japan
is showing their stock market off 12%.
That will also probably have an effect on Europe -
before the Markets open in the US tomorrow.

A great amount of military activity is going on -
as the US
the United Arab Emirates
and Saudi Arabia
get ready to intervene in Bahrain -
which certainly affects Iran -
and most people are not even aware of it.

Heads up!
Look at Oil---> Economy
Middle East---> Revolutions

More Bigger Better(???) earthquakes are coming.

Hold on to you hats.
This ride has just begun.

Don't sweat the small stuff.
Meltdowns, Jet Streams, KI, -

You aint seen nothin yet.

But -
stay cool.
Get collected.
Enjoy the trip.
Armageddon - Earth Changes -
New World Cycles -
are something that do not happen -
even every millennium.

You are very privileged to get to see one.

Perhaps you feel like the guest of honor -
at the old western necktie party who said -
"If it weren't for the honor of it -
I would rather be somewhere else."

But -
you are on this planet -
and there is no getting off it - (for you)

Stay cool.
There are hotter places to go.

Peace and love,

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SunTan Radiashan said...

I'm going to look up ur credentials as soon as I'm done writing this comment coz u're convincing and sound like u know what u're saying.
I was contemplating driving from CA to CO or NM. But if the plume is gonna follow me, I'd rather sit indoors at home over the weekend. It's not like the radiation level will be much less considering the fact that it is already low.

I understand the effects are low. But then, I don't want someone to say, later, that this is not uranium or plutonium. It's different technology and will cause serious harm even in small quantities.