21 August 2011

Fukushima: Pacific Ocean Radiation Over 3,000 Times Normal — Doctors Refusing To Treat Radiation Poisoning

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Fukushima nuclear radiation is being detected in the Pacific Ocean at levels 3,000 times normals as doctors refuse to treat people for radiation poisoning.


The Canadian reports:
Japan’s nuclear accident has caused radiation levels in the Pacfic Ocean to rise over 3,000 times normal. Say what?
Top scientists in the field of Marine Chemistry, have done the testing and research and the result is not good. Fukushima’s poison radiated water spewn into the pacific ocean will cause malformations in ocean life as well as the resulting food chain [ that's us], from platunium, I131 and ZM133 in the ocean.
It is very important that you see the ending result of this testing. You and I will be affected by the radiation as well as our farm animals, food supply and air. Yes our air.
Where do you think the condensation from the ocean goes? Remember the ol’ saying by Newton.. what goes up, must come down.
Dr. Chris Busby in the video above also indicates that doctors are refusing to treat patients for radiation sicknesses. That is apparently because these doctors are concerned that treating them would make that vulnerable to radiation sicknesses.
Source: The Canadian

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