11 February 2008

Boeing engineer "passed shuttle secrets to China"

I can smell the spies on here two ways . by the google searches they use which tells me which languages they use - and I can also go back and do searches and find out who comes here from the military etc that is being hacked by mostly the Chinese and Koreans.

This story does not suprise me in the least .... alot more is going on than we are told.

Now if Boeing employees would just pass on information about RENDITION, pass it right on to the ICC, that would be very cool.

If the US government were better at pursuing the real traitors instead of using agents to spy on its citizens, must danger could be averted. In the world of alphabet soupers and outsourced intel, getting oversight of what gets investigated is bent. Boeing has some obligations no matter what it says and SHOULD be the target of investigations. Any contractor with top secret clearances must be constantly monitored. As we say in Canada, "what? Are you new??"


Boeing engineer 'passed shuttle secrets to China'
February 12, 2008 - 10:04AM
Source: ABC = Australia

Four people have been arrested in the United States overnight on charges of spying for China in two separate cases including one involving the space shuttle, the Justice Department said.

New Orleans residents Tai Shen Kuo and Yu Xin Kang, and Gregg William Bergersen of Alexandria, Virginia, were arrested for passing US defence documents to China in one case, according to a Justice Department statement.

In a second case, former Boeing engineer Dongfan "Greg" Chung was arrested on charges involving stealing and turning over to China Boeing trade secrets, including information involving the space shuttle.

US Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Wainstein says the incident is proof of an aggressive effort by China to obtain American secrets.

"The threat is very simple," he said.

"It's a threat to our national security and to our economic position in the world.

A threat that is posed by the relentless efforts of foreign intelligence services to penetrate our security systems and steal our most sensitive military technology and information."

Department officials say Chung, 72, of Orange, California, who was employed by Rockwell International from 1973 until its defence and space unit was acquired by Boeing in 1996, was arrested without incident at his residence.

He is accused of espionage involving economic secrets, conspiracy and other charges.

Chung, a China native who is a naturalised US citizen, held a secret security clearance when he worked at Rockwell and Boeing on the Space Shuttle program, officials said.

He retired from the company in 2002, but the next year he returned to Boeing as a contractor, a position he held until September 2006.

According to the charges against him, Chung took and concealed Boeing trade secrets relating to the Space Shuttle, the C-17 military transport aircraft and the Delta IV rocket.

Boeing spokesman Dan Beck says his company has been working with investigators.

"We do not comment on ongoing Government criminal investigations and will not comment on the subject matter of the case,"
he said.

"Boeing is not a target of the investigation and has been cooperating with the Government."

The other case involved Bergersen, who was a Defence Department official, and Tai Shen Kuo and Yu Xin Kang, both of New Orleans.

Working under the direction of an individual identified in court documents only as "PRC Official A," Kuo cultivated friendships with Bergersen and others in the US Government and obtained from them sensitive classified information for China.

The criminal conduct spanned a two-year period from January 2006 to February 2008, the documents said.

Kuo, a naturalised US citizen and New Orleans businessman, gathered the information on behalf of China.


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