12 February 2008

More depleted uranium speedlinks!!

Public Meeting in English: SP Defence Spokeswoman will speak at ...
SP.NL - Netherlands
In the course of the Iraq War of 2003 the prestigious British scientific body the Royal Society stated that the use of depleted uranium was principally a ...
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Will the Uranium run out?
By Charles Barton(Charles Barton)
In addition, there is a world wide stock of one million tons of depleted uranium, all of which can fuel into breeder reactors. This does not count the hundreds of thousands of tons of supposibly spent reactor fuel, mostly sitting idle ...
Nuclear Green - http://nucleargreen.blogspot.com/

Iraq - The Doctor the DU and the Dying Children (2004-TVRip-d0x)
Uranium munitions were used for the first time by US and British Allied Forces in the 1991 Gulf War. Servicemen who saw them in action were very impressed. When a depleted uranium (DU) shell hits a tank, it penetrates the steel armour ...
OneBigTorrent.org - http://onebigtorrent.org

Depleted Uranium is a war crime...
By Mama Bear(Mama Bear)
DU related health issues by directing the Wisconsin Dept of Veterans Affairs (or something like that) to inform veterans of the health consequences of depleted uranium. What I don't get is how this passed unanimously. ...
yields falsehood when preceded... - http://symbioid.livejournal.com/

Brown Gets The Ague
By gandalf
Malaria was quite common in the UK until quite recently - Shakespeare called it “the Ague” - then better public health wiped it out. Facts don’t stop the warmenists though. The UK is to be hit by regular malaria outbreaks, ...
Depleted Uranium - http://depleteduranium.wordpress.com

McKinney: ‘I had a place to go when the Democratic Party left me’
By admin
Among that legislation she proposed was an attempt to ban depleted uranium from use in tank and artillery shells, banning tax breaks for companies moving businesses/factories overseas, and voting reform legislation that would have ...
- http://www.allthingscynthiamckinney.com

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