05 December 2007

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Crews Find Missing Uranium Box
MyFox Dallas - Dallas,TX,USA
The box reportedly contained depleted uranium from an X-Ray camera used to examine sewer lines. A driver with a company identified as Desert Industrial ...
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Police track down missing uranium in Fort Worth 6:55 AM CT
Dallas Morning News - Dallas,TX,USA
Fort Worth police located a metal cylinder containing depleted uranium early Tuesday morning after a lengthy search. Police began looking for the ...
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Radioactive Container Found
By Temptress
The World Health Organization says depleted uranium is an extremely dense metal that is commonly used as a radiation shield. It has approximately 60 percent of the radiation contained in purified natural uranium.
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Greens, Democrats And Impeachment
By GreenPartyMike Minnesota
materials such as depleted uranium, which causes radioactive contamination of humans (US troops as well as Iraqi civilians) and the environment; white phosphorus, a chemical whose use in warfare is proscribed by international agreement; ...
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Depleted Uranium Cover-up in Colonie?
By robinia
You see, my grandparents lived and gardened on Central Ave. in Colonie, right down the street from this plant that, if this article from the UK is correct, spewed depleted uranium around the neighborhood for decades.... depleted uranium ...
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Revolution by Any Other Name...
By Timothy V. Gatto(Timothy V. Gatto)
It also encompasses whether or not their children or their grandchildren will be fighting in some nation that is saturated with depleted uranium in order that the defense industries like General Dynamics, Raytheon, Lockheed-Martin and ...
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