07 December 2007

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Scientists say depleted uranium levels still exist
Capital News 9 - Albany,NY,USA
COLONIE, NY -- NL Industries left in its wake depleted uranium that cost the Army Corps of Engineers nearly $200 million in taxpayer money to clean up. ...
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Uranium found in residents and workers near former National Lead's ...
Bizjournals.com - Charlotte,NC,USA
ualbany science professor John Arnason compared depleted uranium laden dust to particles found on battlefields and test ranges where depleted uranium ...
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SP: why did the Netherlands vote against an international enquiry ...
Vlaardingen SP - Belgium
At the same time, the SP will be joined by Labour colleagues in organising a hearing on the effects of depleted uranium on health. ...
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Missing uranium turns up in North Fort Worth residence
Pegasus News - Dallas,TX,USA
3) when a cylinder full of depleted uranium fell off a truck near the Texas Motor Speedway. Police were quickly alerted to the unfortunate mis-location of ...
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The plight of Iraqi refugees
Al-Ahram Weekly - Cairo,Egypt
During the occupation, the atrocities of the US- UK have become only too well known -- cluster bombing, white phosphorus, and the use of depleted uranium. ...
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Radioactive container found in Tarrant County
WFAA - Dallas,TX,USA
They were looking for a device used to X-ray machinery that contained depleted uranium. The device fell off a truck on Monday. After an extensive search, ...
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Box containing depleted uranium found!
By Toni
I mean really, "bounced off the truck"! Can someone explain why this box was being transported in the back of a pickup truck? Box containing depleted uranium found FORT WORTH — A box containing depleted uranium that [...]
Bear Creek Ledger - http://bearcreekledger.com

Fears over Iran's and Syria's nuclear programs may be justified ...
For those who have been asleep to the debate over the controversial use of DU weapons, DU stands for depleted uranium. Depleted uranium is, simply put, the waste material left over from the nuclear fuel rods used in nuclear power plants ...
GNN Blogs - http://www.gnn.tv

Depleted uranium poison from NL site lingers
"There's never been a careful study of a population known to be exposed to depleted uranium," said David Carpenter of the Institute for Health and the Environment at UAlbany. "Somebody needs to step in and really answer the question, ...
CRIMES AND CORRUPTION OF THE... - http://mparent7777-2.blogspot.com/

Study: Depleted Uranium Clean-Up Incomplete
When the federal government cleaned up depleted uranium on and around the former National Lead Industries site in Colonie, it left some behind.
CBS 6-Albany, New York : Local News - http://www.cbs6albany.com

Decades Later, Residents Still Deal with Repercussions of Uranium ...
Twenty years after the former NL Munitions factory in Colonie closed down, and after the federal government spent $190 million on a clean-up of the site, a new study says some residents and former workers still have depleted uranium in ...
CBS 6-Albany, New York : Local News - http://www.cbs6albany.com

Poison from NL site lingers
New study shows people who lived near or worked at former munitions factory in Colonie have depleted uranium in their bodies.
timesunion.com: Health Headlines - http://timesunion.com/life

911Video.org: Leuren Moret at the 2007 Vancouver 9/11 Truth ...
By Campaign for Cooperation in Space
Leuren Moret at the 2007 Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference -- "Depleted Uranium: 61 years of Uranium Wars" V911, DU, radiation.
INTERNATIONAL CITIZENS 9/11 WAR... - http://peaceinspace.blogs.com/911/

What Are We Doing To Our Own?
By Holly S.
Bud Deraps, an 82 year old WWII Navy veteran, speaks out against Depleted Uranium - Warning! Graphic Content Submitted by Holly S. to US Politics & Gov't | Note-it! | Add a Comment.
Care2 News Network - http://www.care2.com/news/

Gary Brandl, Aussie antiwar protestor, on depleted uranium in Iraq
By stŠ¾pwar
Gary has recently been camping out in Parliament Square in solidarity with Brian Haw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cKqMyLZV-8&feature=related.
iraqwar.mirror-world.ru (en)... - http://iraqwar.mirror-world.ru/tiki-index.php

1 comment:

Rhotel1 said...

Well Virginia,

You need to learn the difference between private individuals and public figures ..

Public figures are fair game - you can slander them all you want and they have to prove you did it with malicious intent.

Private individuals on the other hand do not have to prove malicious intent.

Remember that the next time that you falsely accuse me of being something that I am not just like you continually accuse DU of being something that it is not. You are either a total dupe or a total fake; I am not sure which.

By the way, the DU box in Texas -- it was shielding the really bad stuff that was inside it. The news stations never bothered to figure that out. They need to because they are feeding people like you who don't know a thing about radiation or uranium. DU is not nuclear waste for example, but you really could care less.

Roger W Helbig
private citizen
veteran - concerned about lies being spread around the world and to the families of today's vets and their families