04 December 2007

The wicked, wicked west

You could by your radioactive material in the toy store in 1951 and 1952.

A.C. Gilbert sold a complete Atomic Energy Lab! consisting of:

1. U-239 Geiger radiation counter.
2. Electroscope to measure radioactivity of different substances.
3. Spinthariscope to watch "live" radioactive disintegration.
4. Wilson Cloud Chamber to see paths of electrons & alpha particles at 10k mps
5. Three very low-level radioactive sources (Alpha, Beta, Gamma).
6. Four samples of Uranium-bearing ores
7. Nuclear Spheres (used to visual build models of molecules)
8. The book "Prospecting for Uranium"
9. The "Gilbert Atomic Energy Manual"
10. The comic book "Learn How Dagwood Splits the Atom"
11. Three "Winchester" Batteries (size "C")


It cost $49.95 -- a lot of money in those days.. One such set was sold at an Internet auction for almost $7,000 last year.

And you know, since the ban on uranium has been lifted those "little boys" who played with it, think that uranium weapons, du and nuclear plants are TOYZ.

God help us all!!

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