23 October 2007

Let's name a nuclear plant after Dalton McGuinty

Ilovenukes.ca has launched an online petition to rename a nuclear power plant after Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty. Why? Because no one else has done as much to promote nuclear power in Canada, and we want everyone to know.

Sign the petition now!>>

Sign the petition

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has done more to promote nuclear power than any Ontario politician - ever. It's time we honoured his commitment by naming a nuclear plant after him. Sign the petition below asking Ontario Power Generation to rename the Darlington nuclear plant after Dalton. Read the full text of the petition.

You said it!

You know, some people say terrorists could like, maybe one day fly a plane into our nuke, but like, that would never happen!
I mean, probably not, right?

— Kim

Learn all about Ontario pronuclear programs by watching this video and listen to what Howard Hampton has to say - he should DEFINITELY say he's anti nuclear though..

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