25 October 2007

Mohawk Nation News: Sharbot Lake, the introduction

July 9, 2007.

It’s becoming more and more apparent that we are being used as “guinea pigs” for research and experimentation by government funded mad scientists from around the world. Remember “agent orange”, “LSD”, ammunition testing at Sarcee and Ipperwash? You’d think people would know better by now and be decent. No way, Jose! It’s vicious disgusting and as slimy as a crude oil slick floating on a lake full of dead fish. Canada thinks we are expendable. They carry out psychological and physical testing of weaponry on our lands. They sit back and stare at us through binoculars and microcopes to see how we are going to react.

On Sunday July 8th 2007 at 3:00 pm. The Algonquins of Sharbot and Ardoc Lakes protested the rape and violation of their land by blocking Highway 7, which is 42 miles north of Kingston Ontario. They want to stop “Frontenac Ventures Corporation”, Mining Resource Engineering Limited MREL, Natural Resources Canada and Indian Affairs from digging for uranium at a former mine site near Ardoc north of Sharbot Lake Ontario. All of this is on unsurrendered Indigenous land. This whole venture is starting to smell more and more like sulfur and other explosives as well as uranium mining.

The Algonquins have been warned if they try to stop the mining they will be arrested and sued by Frontenac Ventures. They’ve heard that an injunction is going to be served on them on Tuesday, July 10th. Since when have Canadian courts given the “trespassers” injunctions against the land “owners”? Since the 18th Century when it comes to our land.

Algonquin Chief Doreen Davis says the companies have already destroyed their trap lines, beaver dams and beaver ponds. They set up a gate across the only entrance to the land refusing to allow the mining company to enter. They want a moratorium on mining in the whole Ottawa Valley.

The mining company is planning to drain Crotch Lake to get at the uranium easier. This concerns everyone. The radioactivity can leech into the waterways and wells for thousands of square miles around. There’s dust in the air too. They want to scare people into moving away. There’ve been a lot of unexplained arson and barn burnings in eastern Ontario. Is this why?

On Monday, July 2nd the Algonquins sent three runners from their encampment with a wampum to a nearby Indigenous community asking for help. They briefly explained the situation. The message was received by the War Chief. A meeting was called.

On Tuesday July 3rd the Algonquins were expecting an attack from the mining company, the workers or the OPP. They returned home to protect their people.

The traditional people gathered in the sister community. The war chief told the people, “They’re going to mine uranium up there and it’s going to affect all of us whose waters will be "contaminated”. They decided to check it out.

The Men decided, “If drills are appearing and uranium mining is starting, we’re ‘fucked’. Our water will be dead. This mine will poison us too”.

On July 3rd Tuesday morning they went to Sharbot Lake to find out what was going on. They saw that the Algonquins needed to get ready for whatever might happen. The Canadian Government wasn’t about to come in and shut down the uranium mine just because the Indigenous did'nt want it. In fact they probably gave out the permits. The Algonquins told the visitors that “the OPP are here for our protection!” The chief is an OPP officer. The liaison committee is made up of OPP officers. The visitors became even more alarmed about their safety.

OPP Cruisers were at both ends of the road and passing by every 5 minutes. Some cruisers had video cameras.

The visitors advised the Algonquin they needed to conduct the old way of forming a friendship by an exchange of words and a feast, which they did. The war chief of the “Algonquins of Ardoc and Sharbot Lake First Nations and Allies” is a very old man. They had a pipe ceremony and decided to work together.

The visitors cautioned, “If you believe you are going to be attacked, you need medical supplies, escape routes and more people around”. Shortly after that the cops surrounded the visitor’s van. 5 officers were within 9 feet of them, who checked out the license plate.

The visitors talked about the perimeters of the area and then went back to their van. Some of the visitors decided to go for a walk to look around. It was hills and swamps with very few roads. They were trying to get a feel for where the Algonquins were at.

They came back out of the bush. Then they decided to look further into the woods to see what kind of threats were there. The old war chief wanted to meet with them at a trailer. He presented a wampum to indicate that the visitors were now involved. The visitors’ war chief said he was sent there to assess the situation and provide support if necessary. They would take direction from the old war chief and walk behind him solely as support and not to take over in any way.

The visitors found out that the Algonquins wanted the visitors to wear camouflage and to keep the OPP back. The Algonquin seem to have felt intimidated by the OPP. They were blocking two gates on the road. They agreed to keep everything peaceful without militancy at any time.

They went back into the bush and investigated the back road looking for a rear exit. The map showed no exits. The Algonquins said there was none. The colonial authorities would not let them go into that area of 50,000 acres of Algonquin land being used for whatever. The first part of the road was clean. It was groomed without culverts designed for carrying heavy weight vehicles. It was recently filled by super dump trucks with heavy rock and heavy gravel on top.

It was five or six kilometers of extremely dense forest. It was almost impossible to see 15 feet ahead or off the road. On a smaller road they came to a gate that was open and a sign that read, “Caution - exploding and blasting”. About five minutes away was a second gate with lots of signs indicating “Do not enter”, “Blasting”, etc.

They came to a small white building on the right side with a chain link fence 9 feet high, with a lock on the gate. Inside was a concrete building that looked like a large pill box which was locked. In old paint that was flaking off said the word, “Hazard”. They walked in a little and found a concrete metal box about 3 feet by 4 feet with the word “Warning” on it. There was no lock on it. They opened it and found it empty.

The camp was four swamps in from the main gate. The visitors said, “What the hell is this? We were looking for equipment to use to maintain the safety of the people and look what we find!”

They went further in. They came across another building on the left with a giant 500 gallon diesel tank. To the left were the signs “Warning Blasting”, “Do not enter” and “Personnel only”.

They went off the main road to the right into the compound.

At the top of the hill there was a cement pad with big stack of sandbags. The road came to a ‘T’. To the right was a building. To the left the road continued into the thick forest where they couldn’t see anything.

They investigated the building through the windows. They saw big heavy machinery, lathes, steel presses and glass fixtures all fit with protection from explosive dust. Electrical power plug outlets were set up to be fireproof. The building had two sections sealed off from each other. There was a glass wall overlooking the “weapons lab”. There was a table with unusual equipment for “special jobs”. It was full of expensive equipment. There were papers and notes on the desk outside the room. There were safety goggles, an x-ray machine and a radiation detection machine.

On top of one of the buildings was a periscope with a revolving camera on it.

There were “designer” explosive chemicals with a heavy smell of sulphur and ammonia. Some of the explosives authorized for "manufacture and storage" by Natural Resources Canada on an Indigenous territory unknown to the inhabitants are: TNT, Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine, cyclotetramethylenetranitramine; Hexolite, Octolite, Pentaerythrite Tetranitrate, Pentolite, Tritonal and Ammonium nitrate.

There was one locked door. Through the window they could see a thick wall with a room. On the left was a locked door. They went out through a side door. Another door was opened up which looked like a bathroom with a heavy chemical smell. Looking in they saw all kinds of papers, beakers, measuring cups, an opened wooden box containing a radiation machine and two other machines. There were stickers with the words “Radiation Area“ on it.

The visitors decided to continue looking for an access road in case they got flanked from behind. The small road looped around. They came across a giant hole in the ground, 25 feet by 30 feet by 8 ft deep to the right of the building.

The equipment on the site was all brand new. Behind the lab was another diesel tank. There was a water system with a hot water tank. There were other concrete pads and other roads around the site.

They came across a Cadillac and mini van blown up with the doors out and the roof peeled up. The paint had not burned.

Further down the road was a 20 feet high concrete bunker built between two hills. Three walls were covered by sand. The door could be opened. Everything around was dead, even the grass. The ground was covered by broken debris, paint, glass, metal and parts of things. On top of the concrete bunker were concrete blocks, glass and wood targets. It looked like the end of the world. The observers who reported what they saw were shivering.

Between the blown up cars and the concrete building were strange metal stands. Laying beside them was a live round. It was a bullet about 3 feet long, 6 inches in circumference. There were about two or three more brass casings lying beside them along with 8 or 9 war heads for the bullets weighing about 5 pounds each.

They walked over to the other end of the area and saw the same colored dirt in the hole which had recently been spread on the ground. It looked like something was being burnt. All the trees around were burnt. At the edge of the burnt pile there was a shipping container. The center had been exploded out and the doors were all bent. Some sort of dark liquid that smelled like diesel fuel and a strange whitish gray gel laid on the ground around it.

This looked like the edge of a dump. Some dirt was being backfilled over the piles of targets. There were 12 feet by 12 feet square walls with metal legs about 1.5 feet thick. These had 4 feet bullet holes in the center. There was alot of debris and pieces of cars laying at the base of the trees.

Further in they came to another clearing that went back into the forest for 300 feet from the road. There was a gray car there with a license plate. It had a strange device in the back seat. There were six shipping container with turbines on top all painted military green. “Explosives” was painted
on the sides of the containers.

The gravel on the road into this area was fresh with solid blocks. The markings on the containers showed they had passed from the U.S. through Canada Customs. The marking labels showed they were shipped from “Lebanon”.

Another blown up container was surrounded by the same dark gungy liquid on the ground. Gray barrels that were twisted, torn and ripped up were littered about. They had no burn marks. The insides were oily. It looked like they had been shot, a big hole was created and the containers had ballooned out. The hole was big enough to stand two people inside.

The hunting cabin behind the area had nothing in it except hunting maps. The gravel road ended and came to a path. It got too rough. They decided to turn back. They then found fresh 4 x 4 ATV tracks. We had been told there was no access except through the front gate where there were no 4 wheelers anywhere. The tracks showed that the 4 wheeler marks had made a circle in front of every building and all the offshoots.

The visitors thought they were stopping a mine and that no drilling had been done yet. It turned out to be somebody blasting for over 20 years and escalating it.

The government has told the Algonquins they don’t know if there is any uranium in there. According to the geothermal maps of Canada, it is a “hot spot” and has the biggest uranium mine in Canada.

The visitors tried to make some calls unsuccessfully. They went back to the front gate and stood around with everyone. They greeted people in cars. Then the Canadian government agents showed up in a fleet of four or five white Chevy trucks. They had a meeting with the OPP, who were part of the liaison group. They were told about the visitors. They went into the woods for 5 hours. Randy Coda, the chief and an OPP officer, lead them in. He did not take them to the munitions site.

In an abandoned building near the front gate where the people were protesting a geiger counter went off. It was supposed to be an abandoned gypsum or some kind of rock factory owned by Peter Jorgensen. He said he signed it over to George White who owns Frontenac Ventures Corporation. Frontenac has mining and explosive contracts from the federal government, Indian Affairs, Environment and Ministry of Natural Resources. Frontenac wants to sue the Algonquins for trying to stop the uranium mining.

When the Algonquins asked if tailings were being dumped here, the government said, “No”, they would not do that. They told them they were concerned about people staying in the area and suggested they move out.

Their suspicion is that nuclear power is being expanded or sold outside of Canada. The government stated they don’t know why the radiation levels are so high. They’ve been testing nuclear weapons up there, that’s why! They can’t afford to have people there because they’re going to get sick. Is Canada getting “weaponed up” because they think a world war is about to erupt?

Another problem is this is part of Six Nations territory. The Algonquins are aware of it. The watershed from the area goes in both directions. The government purports that this is not their land. They should ask us about that.

The company showed a video recently to the Algonquins on how the water bombs are made. The pressure is so high that it does not ignite. That was the bomb sitting on a car that the visitors saw. A robot would put a water bomb underneath the car and set it off so the car won’t explode into a fire ball. What is the purpose of inventing this kind of technology? It is obviously meant to kill people. This is violation of international law which requires all differences to be settled by open honest peaceful means. No government has a legitimate need for car bombs.

These secret bomb making and uranium projects are killing us off by contaminating our food, animals, fish and environment. They said they were practicing to use water bombs which can’t burn rocks. The visitors saw scorched trees and rocks. Their argument is they are helping Canada to fight the terrorists in Afghanistan. Canada hired this company to build the weapons for them.

MREL for 30 years has been doing contract work for industries like blasting companies who do roadwork, mining, etc. [For more information contact Bill Bauer, 1555 Sydenham Road, Kingston, ON K7L 4V4, Phone 613-545-0466 (111); Cell 613-530-0777; bbauer@mrel.com].

MREL brags that it is a leading manufacturer of IED disrupters to the global EOD community. [www.aquaram.com]. They work with federal agencies in Canada and US to create successful deployments in "North America" and "Afghanistan". What do they mean by that? MREL also works for
"Defense Research" of the Department of National Defense, which is testing ways to deal with incendiary devices as used by "terrorists". They also explode unused ordinances for DND[http://www.mrel.com/MREL].

Defence Research does radiation testing in "remote locations" like Sharbot and Ardoc Lakes. It might be remote for them, but it is right on our door step.

The visitors videotaped everything.

Defense Research Canada operates 7 centres across Canada. [Ottawa; Centre for Security Science with Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness Canada - that's Stockwell Day; and the Centre for Operational Research & Analysis CORA].

CORA is a "psy ops" component. This looks like mind control studies: analytical methods; critical reasoning; decision-making methods; group system/brainstorming; interdisciplinary teamwork; igorithms; modeling and simulation; multi-criteria decision analysis; optimization; qualitative & quantitative concepts; risk analysis; and sociological and psychological analysis.

This "ology" and "ism" stuff sounds like a lot of B.S. but get huge government contracts for political hacks. There's always lots of money for nonsense but none for maintaining medicare, education or infrastructures for ordinary honest citizens like roads and bridges.

We Indigenous have been used by the military for a long time. It looks like there is a ‘Mengele' in DND doing experiments on us and watching how we react to chemical and psychological warfare.

Indian Affairs makes sure that we are seen as a people who have no rights. They say we can’t sue on our own behalf because we are their “wards”. Could they be farming us out as human guinea pigs to the U.S. or other governments that want to do experiments on human beings? They did this with our residential school kids to German doctors in the 1930s. They don’t seem to have any fears of being sued. Any claims would have to go through a long process of negotiations. Indian Affairs is very good at tying it all up for generations.

Does this scare you? Is this the way people expect the Canadian government to be spending tax dollars? Has Canada been completely infiltrated and taken over by a bunch of crazy “yahoos”! Does it look like some questions surely need to be asked?

[For more information contact: Explosives Regulatory Division, Natural Resources Canada, 1431 Merivale Road, Ottawa email inspector@nrcan.gc.ca Phone 613-948-5200].

Kahentinetha Horn
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