22 October 2007

Speedlinking on nukes!!

Where There's Dirty Power, There's Dirty Players - Video

youtube.com — Join musicians Jackson Browne, Graham Nash, Ben Harper and Bonnie Raitt on a petition to Congress to prevent a costly bailout of the nuclear power industry. Help remove a clause from a pending Energy Bill that could force taxpayers to underwrite construction of an unknown number of new nuclear power plants.More… (Political News)

Music Video - Stop the Nuclear Bailout watch!

nukefree.org (Music Videos)

No-Nukes Musicians Launch Campaign to Stop the Nuclear Bailout [VIDEO]

alternet.org — Bonnie Raitt, Ben Harper, Graham Nash, Jackson Browne and many other musicians have joined a new campaign to stop Congress from bailing out the nuclear power industry. With all the free energy from the sun and wind power, why are the bastards in Congress trying to give our money to the nuclear power industry?More… (Political News)

Energy Bill Aids the Expansion Plans of Atomic Power Plants

nytimes.com — A provision buried in a recent Senate bill could make new nuclear plants eligible for tens of billions of dollars in government loan guarantees.More… (General Sciences)

U.S. physicists: Stop a U.S. nuclear attack on Iran!

physics.ucsd.edu — U.S. Physicists, ~1900 already, sign a petition expressing strong repudiation of the new US nuclear weapons policies, giving Bush the power to nuke without asking the congress and considers use on Iran. The UC San Diego Physicist and signatory to the petition Dr. Jeorge Hirsch warns about the consequences if U.S. deploys nukes through a 10' video.More… (General Sciences)



Eric McErlain said...

Don't believe the hype!

Lady Broadoak said...

Well, ERIC,

We certainly aren't going to believe YOUR nuclear hype, are we??

How much money do YOU Make off the nuclear industry? Is it REALLY Worth it?